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  • Claircognisant
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  • Relationship consultant
I have been a professional psychic for 10 years, and have helped hundreds of clients in spiritual distress or simply looking for answers. Our society is often very reductive about the answers we can give to a problem, whether it is moral or physical. What I want to do is to propose another solution, another alternative to those generally offered. How can I help you? Thanks to my gift of clairvoyance, I can help you in your everyday life or when you are confronted with a particularly difficult situation. I allow you to open up to another world, another dimension where your energies are perceived, studied and cleansed, for your well-being and serenity.
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Customer reviews

Vivienne McEwan

Rating : 10

Simon is very down to earth and easy to communicate with. he has provided me with excellent insight , guidance and direction on many occasions and his tome is appreciated 🙏


Rating : 10

I find Simon very good, caring nothing too much to explain in greater detail very Considerate to all problems of the moment very professional in how he frames his explanations fantastic Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer I recommend him to everyone considering having a reading to clarify their life's problems!

Emma Jones

Rating : 10

I have only sent two messages and vice versa so far. The first, he asked a lot of questions so I questioned this a bit, and wondered if he was just cold reading. The second he came out with something I had never even focused my first question on which he is totally correct about regarding bad energies from living people in my life who I cannot get away from totally. I think he is the real deal. At the moment, I can’t afford any more credits but when I can again I will be messaging him back. Thank you.