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Welcome to my personal page, nice of you to take the trouble to read it. I recently started working as a Medium on this platform and am having a great time here. I help and guide people with the most diverse questions concerning Love, relationships, traumas, work, doubts and self-development. I am clairvoyant and sensitive and therefore I can empathise with you and my answers to the questions you ask me are flawless. With my Tarot cards I can show you a piece of the future and I make use of the insights of my Guides of Light. Meditation is also one of my specialisms and can bring you back to your balance that has disappeared for various reasons. As a relationship/love coach I work in the field of love and there is always something to tell about that. If you are interested in any of these issues, all you have to do is contact me and together we will look at the possibilities to answer your questions or solve your problems. Don't forget that there is a lot to do. Don't forget that there are no stupid questions, or questions that cannot be answered. Nothing is impossible in my or your world. With loving regards.
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Customer reviews


Rating : 10

Basic question I had and Claire actually voiced my intuition. I will be back!


Rating : 10

Great to discuss things with and understands me very well, I really like talking to her


Rating : 9

After a few questions, we went deep into my spiritual future and I'm still amazed by what I've found out.


Rating : 9

Thank yiu so much for the excellent reading I look forward to the prediction to come true

Vivienne McEwan

Rating : 10

excellent consultations with Claire. she is very insightful and caring giving great helpful advice . I would highly recommend!


Rating : 8

Your advice really changed my life.


Rating : 6

I had a DM chat with Claire, she came back to me really quickly each time even though I took some time to respond. She was really nice, non-judgemental and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. She concentrated on my singular query and didn't go around the houses or off on a tangent.


Rating : 10

amazing best consultant so helpful


Rating : 10

As usual, Claire managed to answer my worries with clarity and sincerity. Thanks again Claire and talk to you soon!


Rating : 10

Claire provides great advice and is honest and open. Her advice is worthwhile looking into and it is very relevant. Thank you Claire for taking the time to talk to me, has helped a great deal.